Broad Beans and Fennel

May 4, 2009

  This week’s Spinach and broad beans make a great warm salad with Chorizo. It’s a  really tasty and very fast dish that will take about 15 minutes to put together….. 

 Warm Spinach Salad with Broad Beans and Chorizo 

 You’ll need:
350gr Broad Beans
A piece of Chorizo the length of your thumb (or someone else’s if that doesn’t seem like enough)
125gr. Spinach (about half of what’s in this week’s bag)
Sherry Vinegar (Red Wine would also be just fine) 

 Prepare the Beans as before. Roughly chop the Chorizo to bean size pieces and gently warm on the pan to allow all that spicy aromatic oil to ooze out (this is your dressing) Wash the Spinach getting rid of any tough stalks then dry and set aside in a bowl. When you’re ready to go toss the Beans with the Chorizo. Add this to the Spinach leaves, toss adding a dash of Sherry or Red Wine Vinegar. Serve immediately with nice bread (that new bakery in Rathmines has some nice ones) 

 This week’s Fennel makes great soup that’s lighter than the ones we’ve been eating through the winter. I made one last night and garnished it with Orange rind and toasted sunflower seeds .. 




Fennel Soup garnished with Orange-scented Sunflower Seeds
You’ll need:
1 Onion
Olive Oil
2 Bulbs Fennel or about 500gr (what you have in this week’s bag)
1 large Potato
Vegetable Stock
1 Orange
1 heaped Tablespoon Sunflower Seeds  

Chop your Onion and begin sauteeing in a generous dash of Olive Oil while you prepare the Fennel. To do this, remove the green leafy bits and then roughly chop discarding the hard centre. Throw this in the pot, stir well and cook for a few minutes while you peel and chop the Potato. Add this to the pot along with a generous pinch of Salt. Cover the lot in Vegetable stock and simmer uncovered until all the veg is tender which should take about 20-30 minutes. Allow the soup to cool down a little then blitz until smooth with a handblender. To make things extra special you can add a little Cream but the soup works fine without it.
To serve, toast the Sunflower seeds on a dry pan until they start to change colour. Grate a little Orange rind (don’t go too crazy with this, it looks fab but will take over flavourwise if you add too much). Ladle the soup into bowls, top with the Sunflower seeds and a sprinkling of Orange rind then finish with a few drops of Orange juice.  

Market watchThere’s still some of that lovely Rhubarb about.If you’d like a bunch with your delivery next week just let me know. It’s 2.20E a bunch.  

Have a fantastic long weekend,  

ps.Hope you all enjoyed Margaret’s recipes over the last few weeks. She really is an inspiration and always seems to have a completely different take on things to me so I thought it would make a nice change.

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