French Beans

May 15, 2009

Hi everyone,

This week all our selections have French Beans and as with all beans, simplicity is the way forward. A knob of Butter or a drizzle of your nicest Olive Oil is one of the nicest way to enjoy them though they are also fantastic with Almonds, Bacon, Potatoes, Garlic, Basil, Parmesan, Tomatoes and Walnuts.

To prepare them, top and tail (i.e.chop off both ends of the bean) and soak in some cold water for 10 minutes (or rinse if you’re in a hurry) Drain and drop into plenty of fast-boiling salted water and cook for about 3-5 minutes. When ready (i.e al dente) drain and serve. Obviously they work very well as an accompaniment to lots of other dishes but if you would like to give them a starring role at your dinner table this weekend try the following very simple Pasta dish………..

Spaghetti with Tomato, Chilli and French Beans (for 2)

You’ll need:
2-3 Cloves of Garlic
1 Fresh Chilli (or some dried)
Olive Oil
1 Tin chopped Tomatoes
100gr Green Beans
Parmesan Cheese

Slice the Garlic and chop the Chilli. Heat some Olive Oil in a pan then add the Garlic. Sauté for a couple of minutes until the Garlic starts to soften (but don’t let it go brown) then add the Chilli. Toss for a moment then throw in the Tomatoes. Add a generous pinch of Salt and Sugar then leave to cook over a medium heat for about 20 minutes. While the Tomatoes are cooking top and tail the Beans. Drop into boiling salted water and cook until very tender (that way they’ll be like the spaghetti and twirl around your fork) then add them to the sauce. Boil and drain the pasta then mix with the sauce. Season then add a dash of Olive Oil and some freshly grated Parmesan

As I mentioned last week, French Beans also make a lovely salad. The following one tastes better if left for a little while so all the lovely flavours have a chance to mingle.

A salad with French Beans, Red Onion, Walnuts and Tallegio Cheese

You’ll need
300gr Green Beans
A handful Walnuts
1/2 Red Onion
Red Wine or Sherry Vinegar
Olive Oil
100gr Tallegio Cheese but Parmesan or Feta would also work fine

Top and tail all your Beans and cook in boiling, salted water until al dente. Drain and rinse for a few minutes under the cold tap to stop them cooking further and going too soft. Drain and mix with a generous handful of roughly chopped Walnuts. Thinly slice half a medium sized Red Onion and add to the Beans and Walnuts. Dress all this with Red Wine or Sherry Vinegar and Olive Oil (about 1:3 should do it but taste to check). Season with Salt and freshly ground Black Pepper, mix and set aside. Add about 100gr. thinly sliced Tallegio (Parmesan or Feta would also work fine) just before serving and eat with crusty bread.

Hope you enjoy these recipes,

Have a great weekend.


One Response to “French Beans”

  1. Recipe man Says:

    yum! i love green beans and the seasoning looks great

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