Swedes and Avocados

December 2, 2009

This week it’s Swedes (well, it is winter) and while I know they are not top of most people’s veg list  they are great in all kind of stews and other winter fare. A simple way to prepare them is roasted in the oven. To do this chop them into the size of large chunky chips, parboil them then toss them in a roasting pan with either coconut or vegetable oil. Roast at Gas mark 6 for about 30-40 minutes then sprinkle with a little Maldon sea salt and freshly ground pepper and serve. Two more substantial ways to serve swede can be found on this blog – firstly my favourite refried with caramelized onions and bacon and then the always popular gratin with goat’s cheese. Here’s a link that will bring you straight to those recipes  https://homeorganics.wordpress.com/2009/03/13/swedes-and-baby-spinach/ or you can just use the search button.
Avocados are back in season. The one in your bag this week is of the Hass variety which I think are definitely superior. Team it with this week’s Wicklow lettuce for a simple but really delicious salad. Dress with some of that Olive Oil I gave you the week before last and a dash of  Balsamic Vinegar. The response to our Olive Oil was fantastic and lots of you placed orders. We should have it in next week.
Have a fab weekend,

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