Dark Chocolate Roulade with a blood orange salad and Finn’s Prosciuto and Blood Orange salad

March 22, 2010

This week I thought we’d have a dessert for a change. It’s a  dark  chocolate roulade served alongside a beautiful salad of  Moro Oranges and mint(regular Navel are also lovely as is a mix of both types). I think it’s one of the best chocolate desserts I know. It’s a recipe I used to make quite a bit and revisited recently and fell in love with again. Chocolate and orange used to seem like such an obvious, run of the mill combination to me that for years I overlooked it. But a few years back I realised that it’s popular for a reason – it really works. The orange cuts through the lusciousness of the chocolate and cream and, as you can imagine, looks gorgeous on the plate. The recipe is very, very simple and can be prepared ahead of time making it perfect for dinner parties (if you must share).
If you’ve never made a roulade don’t be put off – it’s just a flat piece of cake rolled up. The end result isn’t supposed to look perfectly smooth and cylindrical and anyway, if things do go pear-shaped (literally!) you can dust it with icing sugar just before serving (hides a multitude of technical flaws) or serve it directly onto the plates with the salad rather than putting the whole thing on the table.
This recipe gives you enough roulade for six but if you don’t get through it or you’re cooking for less you can keep the rest in your freezer for about a week. Slices take about 1 hour to defrost so plan ahead!

Dark Chocolate Roulade with Orange and Mint Salad
For the roulade you will need:

150gr good quality dark chocolate with between 60% and 70% cocoa solids
5 medium or 4 large organic eggs
170gr castor sugar
90 ml espresso coffee
250 ml whipping cream
Baking tray 12″ x 9″/ 32cm x 24cm lined with Greaseproof paper.

For the salad you will need: 3-4 Oranges

A small bunch of fresh mint

Begin by making the coffee then pour it into a bowl and mix with the chocolate  then sit the bowl into a larger bowl of hot water so the chocolate melts fully and stays liquid while you prepare everything else. Separate the eggs into 2 large bowls. Whisk the egg yolks adding the sugar gradually until the mixture is pale yellow. Set aside and whisk the egg whites (clean the attachments on your mixer before you start) until stiff. Gradually whisk the melted chocolate and coffee into the egg yolks and sugar then fold in the whites. Pour the mixture into a lined baking tray and bake for 10-15 minutes at Gas 4. The cake may not seem fully cooked but that’s fine.
Allow to cool then  cover with tinfoil or a damp cloth and place in the fridge for at least 1 hour or overnight if you can. To finish off the roulade cover with  250ml off whipped Cream and simply roll up the cake allowing the grease-proof paper to fall or peel away as you go. Use the greaseproof paper to wrap up the roulade and place in the freezer for about an hour.
For the salad, simply peel and quarter the oranges taking care to get rid of any pith or pips. Slice the quarters and toss with some shredded mint leaves if you have them (if you don’t, don’t worry).
To serve, slice the roulade and eat with the salad.

I was talking to Finn the manager of the Hopsack about blood oranges this morning – he was raving and I was agreeing. He told me about a salad he’s been eating recently and he highly recommended  it…

Finn’s Prosciuto and Orange salad.

Thinly slice a couple of oranges and lay on a plate. Sprinkle with a little fresh or dried chilli. Top with slices of Prosciuto and dress with your best olive oil.

Hope you enjoy these recipes,
Have a great weekend,


2 Responses to “Dark Chocolate Roulade with a blood orange salad and Finn’s Prosciuto and Blood Orange salad”

  1. Nina Says:

    That sounds amazing. Can I use regular oranges if I can’t find blood ones

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