Fresh Garlic from Wicklow and some barbeque ideas for fennel and carrots

June 4, 2010


Fresh Garlic coming out of the gound at Denis Healy's farm

We’ve been eating in the garden quite a bit of late  because let’s face it, with the Irish summer you’ve got to get it while you can. The barbecue has been out almost every evening and it’s clear we have a lot to learn. Nearly everything ends up a somewhere between charred and completely incinerated. It’s because we normally only barbecue about twice a year and can never remember any of the lessons we learnt the last time. This summer is going to be different. My big insight is that you’ve got to stand over your barbecue and turn things regularly because otherwise it ……….um burns. The other big step forward has been cooking veg in little packets of tinfoil. It gets that lovely barbecue flavour without all the char. Last weekend I did carrots to go with some (charred) lamb and last night I tried fennel. Both were great and very easy.

Barbecued Carrots with Garam Masala     

Scrub your carrots then cut them into chunks. Parboil, drain then place on a square of tinfoil. Drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with a little salt and garam masala (cumin and/or coriander seeds also work well). Wrap the carrots then wrap in another piece of tin foil. Place on the barbecue for about 20 minutes. After 10 open the packet (be very careful doing this!) and turn the carrots. Rewrap if you can but if you can’t it’s ok and cook for another few minutes. They are done when nicely browned.

Barbecued Fennel with lemon

Same process except I lightly steamed instead of boiling. I quartered each fennel bulb before steaming then added olive oil and a spritz of lemon with a pinch of salt when wrapping them up. Really tasty..

Roasted Fresh Garlic

This week you may be wondering about that funny leeky/garlicy thing you have in your bag. It’s fresh garlic from Denis Healy in Co. Wicklow. If you’ve never had it before fresh garlic is much milder than the kind we usually have so you can use a lot more of it which is good news as garlic is so good for you. I tried roasting a few of mine in tinfoil with a little olive oil last night and that worked well. I didn’t precook them and left them on the barbecue for longer than the fennel and carrots. I also used it to make a dipping sauce to have with some courgettes I managed not to completely burn and as a topping  for bruscetta.

Fresh Garlic Dipping sauce

Fresh Garlic dipping sauce

You’ll need:

1 bulb of fresh garlic with  the white part of the stem attached

A handful of almonds

Olive Oil


Parsley – I think rosemary would have worked well either

Toast the almonds on a pan then set aside. Roughly chop the garlic then blend with the almonds, a handful of parsley, a pinch of salt  and a glug of olive oil with your handblender. Stop blending before it gets too smooth as a bit of texture is good. This is great with any veg.

It’s the start of the Cherry season (yay!!!) and we’ll have them in all our selections with fruit next week. Can’t wait!

Have a great weekend,



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  1. Angela Says:

    sounds lovely Sarah. Pity about the weather!

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