Crushed celeriac and potatoes with crispy onions and fresh green chili

January 22, 2011

Crushed celeriac w onions and yogurt

CeleriacIf you’re new to this seasonal eating lark celeriac might be a new one on you. Gnarly and none too photogenic, it’s often passed over at the veg shop and rarely finds its way into most supermarkets. This is a pity. Earthy and sweet (though not as much as say, parsnips) it has a lovely nutty flavour which the French put to good use in remoulade a simple grated salad with a mustard dressing. It’s really and I mean really good with meats like lamb and game when the comfort of a spud is called for and the flavour of the celeriac just elevates everything with its extra depth and interest. 

Like all roots it makes great soup, very tasty mash (but do be sure to add some spud as it can be watery on its own) and, if you can’t be bothered faffing around, can be parboiled then chucked in the oven to roast in olive oil with, say, rosemary or thyme. Nigel Slater suggests slicing  then baking it in a slow oven with stock and a (presumably very generous) knob of butter. I haven’t done that but if Nigel rates it the chances are it’s great.

Yesterday at lunchtime I revisited a recipe I hadn’t done for years. I cooked it in some vegetable stock with  spuds, some golden-fried onions, garlic and fresh green chili. It’s a simple dish but all the flavours really come together and shine through making  it very moreish. In this case the chili doesn’t add heat so much as flavour so don’t worry if you don’t usually eat hot things. The heat is barely a notch above black pepper. I tarted things up at the end by frying some crispy onions to top it off which added a great bit of extra texture. If you’re feeling lazy, don’t bother – it’s great without them. Lamb chops completed the meal, lightly seasoned and grilled til pink. I also served some plain yogurt alongside but Paul reckoned there was no need. Up to you……..

Crushed Celeriac and Potatoes with Sautéed Onions, Garlic and fresh Green Chili

You’ll need:

Olive oil

1 large onion

500gr celeriac

600gr spuds

4 cloves garlic roughly chopped

1/2 fresh green chilli chopped

500ml vegetable stock

Salt and pepper

To serve:

1 onion finely sliced

A little flour (ideally self raising)

Vegetable oil for frying

Plain yogurt (optional)

Begin by heating  a generous glug of  olive oil in a pot or pan. Add the onions and sauté until soft and beginning to change color. While the onion is cooking you can peel and chop your celeriac into large bite-sized pieces. Peel and chop the  spuds too. When the onions are done, add the garlic and chili. Cook for a further 5-10 minutes until the garlic has softened then throw in the celeriac and spuds. crushed celeriac with potatoes, onions and green chiliAdd the stock and a little salt and pepper, bring everything to the boil then turn down the heat and cook until the veg has softened (but not turned to complete mush) and the stock has more or less evaporated. The end result should be like a very roughly mashed mash (if you know what I mean!) as the spuds will fall apart but most of the celeriac will keep some shape. You can serve this as is with maybe a dollop of plain yogurt on top or on the side.

To make the crispy onions, heat about 2 cm vegetable oil in a small pan. When it’s hot, dip the onions into a little  flour. Shake off any excess (use a colander or sieve for this) then drop  into the oil and fry until golden. To serve sprinkle on top of the celeriac and spud.

 Have a great weekend,


4 Responses to “Crushed celeriac and potatoes with crispy onions and fresh green chili”

  1. Ivana Says:

    I love celeriac so I am pleased to know that it may be coming on Monday 🙂 One of my favourite recipes is slicing it, boil it a little in a salted water, then coat it in some flour, eggs and breadcrumbs and fry it. But I will definitely try your recipe! 🙂

  2. homeorganics Says:

    Hi Ivana,
    Your recipe sounds great – will definitely give it a go. Thanks for sharing, Sarah

  3. Rachel Says:

    This one sounds great. I’ll definitely give it a try. The photo is great too – well done

  4. Dani Says:

    That was so tasty! Never know what to do with celeriac – this is a great recipe. thanks

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