Baked New Potatoes

Yesterday they said there’d be more rain in the next 36 hours than there is in a month usually. As we know that’s saying a LOT. Makes my salad idea for this week’s recipe seem like a bit of a non-runner doesn’t it? So, I made baked potatoes with this week’s new spuds for a comforting, forget about the weather kind of lunch today. I parboiled them first then rolled them in olive oil and sea salt. That way you get that lovely moreish crispy skin (we need a treat). I also added some rosemary for flavour and brilliant antioxidant properties.

Serve with some butter, olive oil or some garlic mayo for the ultimate in comfort eating. I ate mine with some of those asparagus we got in yesterday which I lightly steamed  then seared on a burning hot pan. I finished them with a dressing of  olive oil and lemon juice and threw on some Parmesan shavings – yum yum. Some of this week’s broccoli lightly steamed and dressed in extra virgin olive oil would be lovely too………

Salt crusted baked new potatoes with rosemary

You’ll need :

1k new potatoes

Olive oil

1 heaped teaspoon sea salt

A couple of sprigs rosemary

Parboil your spuds until just tender then toss in a drizzle of oil and the salt. Throw onto a baking tray and roast with the rosemary at gas mark 7 for about 30 minutes.

And for desert…

This week’s apricots are the obvious choice. If the rain keeps up and you want a project you could do a lot worse than to make an almond tart with them (and it’s not half as complicated as it sounds – I promise! ).

Have a brilliant weekend,